Turkey – On the Southwestern Coast

Friends had raved about Olympos, a great place to stay there, the beach and surroundings, etc. and fall was the perfect season to visit. We flew to Antalya and then headed straight there.

We stayed at a very pleasant bungalow site with great, delicious breakfasts and dinners that the family running it provided, much of the produce coming from their own garden.

The bungalows were close to one another, but had air conditioning and bathrooms. But then who wanted to stay inside?

It was a short walk to the beach with a small entry fee, since there were Greek/Roman ruins along the way.

The beach was rather empty and the water still warm from the long summer.

A nice café/bar at the beach, great place for refreshments.

View of the ruins from the beach: the ruins date back to at least the 4th century B.C. Originally Greek, Romans captured it in 78 B.C. It became a Christian diocese at the end of the 3rd century A.D. and lasted as such for a few centuries.

And view of the beach from the ruins

Ambling through the ruins

Day trip to the ruins of ancient Limyra in the hills approx. 5 km northeast of the town of Finike.

The coast road

Kas, a pleasant seaside village where we stayed a couple of nights

Great breakfast at the hotel

View from our balcony

The harbor, from where we took an amazing day trip

We often stopped for a swim in the crystal-clear turquoise waters

Numerous ancient ruins dotted the shore

Stop at Kaleköy with its Byzantine castle

View from the castle

Another stop for a swim on the way back

Heading back to Kas, the obligatory sunset photo

Followed by a great meal after we got back to Kas

We had to spend a night in Antalya on the way back, since our flight was very early in the morning.

Also seemed to be a very pleasant city, although very touristy. Unfortunately, we did not have much time to visit it, since there had been so many other places to see during our short trip.

3 thoughts on “Turkey – On the Southwestern Coast

  1. I am always fascinated with ruins and how the stand the test of time. These were some great shots. Whether in the ocean or viewing from your balcony is always so relaxing. Keep enjoying and stay safe

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  2. Wow it’s so beautiful! I’ve never been to Turkey and had to keep reminding myself as I red this that you are in Turkey not Greece or another Mediterranean country. This makes me want to take a closer look at Turkey for a trip.

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    1. The coast is really beautiful, but there are also lots of other things to see. Göreme and Nemut Dagi (see my post “Turkey” entered approx. 2 years ago) are spectacular, but I believe that places such as Hakkari are too dangerous to visit these days.


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