Who Are You?!

Sixty-three people viewed my blog recently on one day. No idea why or who (with two exceptions), and nobody commented except for two adventurous Canadians who take fantastic photos and whom I feel like I know despite never having met them thanks to their marvelous blog.

I originally started my blog, because I had given up trying to find a publisher for a novel, was reminiscing about trips I had taken and places where I had lived and studied and thought that might be interesting for some people, and was thinking about theories of travel and language. I hoped to get feedback, comments about what people found good and what they thought I was totally wrong about, and comments about trips others had made in the same places where they had completely different experiences, pointing out to me things that I had totally misunderstood. Stories of other people’s experiences learning languages and encounters with other cultures.

For example, there were lots of views of my blog post about studying Chinese in Yangshuo, certainly from others who had studied there, and lots of views about Granada and Flamenco (and the respective schools) by others who had been there, but no contributions by people who had some of the same experiences. Do I write too much, and you don’t have the time to be bothered reading to the end? Or is my writing too superficial, only skimming the surface and not worthy of a comment? Nobody out there interested in (my) theories of language learning, language style or translation? Nobody who reflects on the reason he or she travels (or wants to)? Perhaps my readers totally agreed with me and had nothing to add, were disgusted or bored by my writing, or simply didn’t think commenting was worth the effort. Still, I would love to hear from you, know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Who Are You?!

  1. Hi William,
    I am new to wordpress, about 1 month and Im still learning to navigate around the site. Im also disappointed with the amount of feedback. I dont know why people are not commenting, but according to the number of views, they are reading. I have commented several times about our remarkable similar experiences. I share your enthusiasm for travel and enjoy your blog. Writing can be very frustrating.


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