Short Trip to Egypt

Winters in Europe are just too long, so we usually took trips to somewhere warmer to make them bearable. I have tried to reconstruct this journey, but if I confused some of the places, any corrections would be appreciated.

Cairo as starting point, a city bursting at the seams (the Chinese are building a new city near it to relieve the congestion). Of course, we were more interested in the old than the new. A visit to the Egyptian Museum was a must as well as a few other sites in the short time we were there.

Bain el-Qasreen Street

Sultan-Hassan Mosque, one of the largest mosques worldwide.

The Great Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha or Alabaster Mosque

Street scenes

Pyramids of Giza

We booked train ticket to Luxor, but hadn’t realized that there was a time difference of one hour from our home. We arrived in the early morning at the train station, only to watch it depart. However, a taxi driver noticed our problem, and told us, no problem, he could get us to the next station before the train arrived there. And sure enough, with a lot of honking and taxi driver know-how, we got there in time to take our reserved seats.

Breakfast on the train


Boat ride on the Nile

Horse carriage as a preferred travel mode.

Karnak Temple

Heading back to town

Back in Luxor

Hatchepsut temple and Valley of the Kings

Hatchepsut is a mortuary temple dedicated to the female Pharaoh Hatchepsut located in the vicinity of the Valley of the Kings.

Tombs were carved into rock for pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings

Abu el-Haggag Mosque inside Luxor Temple


Time for refreshment at the Old Cataract Hotel. Agatha Christie included it in her novel Death on the Nile, which of course made it famous.

Philae Island Temple of Philae

Originally somewhere else, but moved due to construction of the Awan Dam and flooding of its previous location. Constructed in the 4th century B.C.

Trajan’s Kiosk

Friendly Egyptians on an outing

Daraw Camel Market


Most of the camels come in caravans from Sudan’s Darfur and Kordofan along the Darb Al Arba’een (Forty Days Rd) to just north of Abu Simbel before being trucked to Daraw.

Qubbet el-Hawa: tombs of official on the western bank of the Nile across from Aswan.

View across the Nile

We were too lazy to walk up, so took local transport.

Couldn’t resist a show of Nubian dancers for tourists

Then quickly back to Cairo and our flight home.

Stocking up on vitamins before heading back to winter.

I don’t look too happy, since vacation is over.

Two weeks was short, but a great way to break up the winter and get an initial impression of Egypt

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