Costa Rica

On our 10-month journey through Latin America years previously, we were exhausted by the time we got to Costa Rica and I had a bad cold. As a result, we simply hung out at friends’ of my parents for a week near the capital and then continued north. Too bad, since by the time we returned, the trains to both coasts had been discontinued, the tracks having been destroyed in earthquakes.

We only stayed one night in the capital and then headed to the west coast where we caught a boat to Montezuma at the tip of the Peninsula de Nicoya: nice beaches and beautiful landscape!

White-throated magpie jay (29a)

Walk south along the beach to a waterfall

Horseback riding: I am not used to this and chafed my backside, which turned out to be rather painful when swimming in the salt water afterward.

Family outing


White-faced Capuchin monkey

We also saw a sloth high up in the trees, but it was too dark to get a good picture. Reminded me of the time I was in a taxi in New York, and the driver told me that she had been in Panama on vacation and had seen one of those hairy things, a sleuth, hanging in the trees: Sherlock Holmes?!

Arenal Volcano, which exploded not long after we had left the country.

Arenal to Monteverde by horse: the ride through the rain forest was not easy, since the trail was very muddy.

With the guides who rented us the horses

Refreshing stop on the way

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve: amazing factor about this is that it is a private enterprise, not a government-sponsored one.

Canopy Tour: three platforms between 20 and 33 meters high. You go up a rope ladder inside a hollow tree to get to the first one. Proper safety gear is provided, and then off you go through the rain forest. The rides on the zip line are quite thrilling! There is also a series of suspension bridges where you can view the rain forest from above in a slower fashion.

A rather skeptical customer

It was also possible to view the forest from above in a more leisurely manner on skywalks.

Orange-chinned parakeet

A few more beach days on the east coast at Cahuita.

We wanted to Visit the Parque Nacional de Cahuita, but when we got there, we were not allowed in because some bigwig politicians were visiting it. So it was back to the beach and then back to our cockroach-infested hotel in San José for our flight home.

6 thoughts on “Costa Rica

  1. I took the train to Puerto Limon in 1974. It was barely passable jungle. Arriving in Limon was quite steamy and eerie as described by Theroux in The Great Railway bazaar, who must have been doing the trip at the same time.


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